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We will meet over Zoom. We will start each day at 8:30 AM Eastern and end at 5:00 PM Eastern, with multiple breaks throughout the day. You will receive the Zoom meeting connection details via email.

The exercises will be performed in breakout rooms of 3-4 participants each. You are encouraged to share your screen to facilitate discussion.

Zoom polls will be used throughout the bootcamp to gain feedback on how the exercises are going. The results are anonymous.

Prerequisites TOP


The prerequisites for the bootcamp include some basic familiarity with R, R Markdown, and RStudio. You can read/watch the resources below to review this material.

These videos from MarinStatsLectures introduce the basics of R and RStudio:

The following short lessons on R Markdown cover the main topics you need to know:

These cheat sheets go into way more depth than you will need for the bootcamp, but they are a handy reference.

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