2022 PSU Bioinformatics Data Reproducibility Bootcamp

August 12, 2022


Welcome to the PSU Bioinformatics Data Reproducibility Bootcamp!

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Funding and Support

The computational resources are provided by The Institute for Computational and Data Sciences (ICDS).

The boot camp was first conceived and supported in Jun 2016 by the Administrative Supplement to NIGMS Predoctoral Training Grants (PA-15-136)

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Friday August 12, 2022

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Session 1: Introduction to data reproducibility

speaker: Ana Victoria

In this session we will discuss the reproducibility crisis in science and we will go over materials that will help us make our research reproducible.

We will have a look at different online note-taking tools, we will learn how to use GitHub and Git for version control, and we will finish this session by going over helpful bioinformatics tools.

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Session 2: Interactive coding on the ACI-ICS cluster

speaker: Alan Brown

This session will introduce Jupyter notebooks, the computing cluster at PSU and some ways to incorporate both for more organized coding.

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Session 3: Workflow management by Snakemake

speaker: Jianyu Yang

In this session we will go through Snakemake, a popular workflow management tool. We will talk about what kind of features should be expected from a workflow, and how to realize them by Snakemake.

A toy example workflow will be built step by step during the presentation, and participants will also have the chance to work on small tasks by their own.


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