Day 1: Perspectives on Data Reproducibility




  1. Introduction to the PSU BootCamp by Dr. Cooduvalli Shashikant
  2. It can happen to you. Sources and proximity of lack of reproducibility by Dr. Ross Hardison
  3. Statistical issues in reproducible research by Dr. Qunhua Li
  4. Data management / archiving across the biological sciences by Dr. George Perry


  1. Challenges in irreproducibile research a special section in Nature
  2. Is there a reproducibility crisis? in Nature, 2016
  3. Why Most Published Research Findings Are False in PLOS Medicine, 2005
  4. Improving Validation Practices in ''Omics'' Research in Science, 2011
  5. Six red flags for suspect work in Nature, 2013
  6. Raise the standard for preclinical cancer research in Nature, 2012


  1. The Importance of Reproducible Research in High-Throughput Biology: Case Studies in Forensic Bioinformatics by Keith Baggerly, UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 2010

  2. Intro R Videos by Naomi Altman, Penn State, 2016


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